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Siedle Whistleblower Forensics Siedle Whistleblower Forensics uses cutting-edge forensic science, coupled with whistleblower insights, to investigate abuses in the money management industry. Since 1983, the firm has pioneered forensic investigations of asset management and has investigated in excess of $1 trillion globally.

In 2018, former U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer and company founder Edward "Ted" Siedle secured the largest CFTC whistleblower award in history-- $30 million and in 2017, he secured the largest SEC whistleblower award-- $48 millionóboth related to a $367 million JP Morgan Chase settlement that charged the bank with failing to disclose certain conflicts of interest to some of its wealth management clients. In 2016, Siedle obtained the first whistleblower award from the State of Indiana on behalf of a client.

We know, based upon our decades of experience as industry experts, that breaches of fiduciary duty by money managers result in substantial, quantifiable harm. That is, conflicts of interest, illegal or unethical business practices, and undisclosed compensation agreements that are pervasive throughout the money management industry, will undermine the integrity of an investment process and detrimentally impact investment performance. Moreover, as recent spectacular failures in third party due diligence (such as Madoff) demonstrate, investors need enhanced integrity investigative services to protect themselves from fraud and operational risks.

As a result of our historic representation of pensions and other institutional investors with substantial assets managed by external investment advisors, we are afforded, in connection with our due diligence and forensic reviews, enhanced access to public and non-public information regarding leading asset managers.

The firm has the most substantial body of specialized knowledge regarding securities brokerage and investment management abuses available outside of governmental organizations. Our groundbreaking investigations have had a profound impact upon the management of institutional assets and have helped redefine the investment consulting industry.

Today SWF offers all investors, including individuals, access to the most depthful fiduciary consulting and investigative services related to investment management available anywhere -- knowledge once reserved for fiduciaries to the largest pensions. Our enhanced integrity approach meets or exceeds the highest standard of care recognized under law - the fiduciary standard.

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